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Cindy Sinclair passed away this year, she is the student shown above on our banner. We are dedicating 2014 to her memory. Click here for a Power Point presentation on her experience at IAL over the years.

Our student, Aaron Abel, has published his first autobiography. Here is an excerpt from his book. You can purchase a copy here or by contacting IAL.


I wrote this book “The Mask” because I want to
tell the whole world what I went through being born
with Down’s syndrome. The point is; I am expressing
myself with my most personal feelings about living with
Downs. My being born with the syndrome and dealing
with the challenges has helped me become the
confident person that I am today. On a scale of 1-10,
(ten the best) I am a 10 plus!
Some of the chapters are short and some are
long; but they all weave the story that I want to tell.
Some of the longer chapters cover a subject mentioned
in another chapter of the book; but with a different
point of view or relationships. Whether the chapter is
short or long they are all important and work together
to help you learn how important it is to know who you
are on the inside. I want you to know that you don’t
have to be what you look like or whatever physical
appearance you may have, or what people say –
because that is only a mask, and masks are made to be
temporary and to be removed. The mask is NOT you!


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